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College application essay makeover

I came across this personal statement on the website of a mainland college prep agency that specializes in writing such documents on behalf of university applicants. Since the company displayed the piece to give prospective clients an idea of what they can offer, they must have thought of it as well-written. I found it severely lacking in style and voice, though. I’ve come up with a better version, one that is 20% lengthier but packed with much more personality and content

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“An infinite capacity for taking pains”

“Didn’t you know there’s a difference between ‘indicate’ and ‘point out’?” my tutor at Oxford University fired this question at me after noting I’d been using both words interchangeably.  The class was supposed to be on philosophy, but back then, my sensitivity towards English was so wanting that my tutor would often opt to teach… Continue reading “An infinite capacity for taking pains”

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Exam Writing Tips

Navigating narrative writing

When I began to write professionally several years ago, the type of writing I dreaded the most was the one that seemed the easiest at first glance: narrative writing.  How tricky could narrative writing be, you might ask. After all, in our everyday conversations, we constantly recount happenings to others, and we do so effortlessly… Continue reading Navigating narrative writing