Exam Writing Tips

Navigating narrative writing

When I began to write professionally several years ago, the type of writing I dreaded the most was the one that seemed the easiest at first glance: narrative writing.  How tricky could narrative writing be, you might ask. After all, in our everyday conversations, we constantly recount happenings to others, and we do so effortlessly… Continue reading Navigating narrative writing

Exam Writing Tips

Scoring high on the argumentative essay

“You know the meaning of ‘dull as dishwater’?” I asked a writing student the other day. I was using “dull as dishwater” to characterize many of the argumentative essay topics English teachers routinely assign. It’s not exactly their fault: students have to tackle this kind of writing questions in public exams, so teachers have to… Continue reading Scoring high on the argumentative essay

Business English Writing

The Business of Business Correspondence

When I started coaching people on their English writing, I soon noticed a curious pattern among the adults who sought me out. Most are in their late 30s or early 40s. They usually have an expertise in, say, finance or accounting. For a decade or so, they managed to thrive in the workplace, thanks to… Continue reading The Business of Business Correspondence

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