Writing Coach

Are you planning to emigrate and are concerned that your children won’t be able to write well in an English-learning environment? Do you wish to brush up your written English, now that you’re about to move abroad? Or, do you intend to stay in Hong Kong but still hope your child can get a proper grounding in the principles of English composition?

I’m an Oxford-educated bilingual writer in Hong Kong offering my services as a one-on-one writing coach to senior school students and adults keen on improving their English writing skills.

One frustration Chinese people face when writing in English is, how do I make my English not sound like it was written by a Chinese? How do I go beyond grammatically-correct English and write with style?

Compare the following writing samples: version 1, while error-free, is lacking in elegance; version 2 has a varied rhythm and heightened sense of drama:

  1. With an embattled chief executive and an exhausted police force struggling to end the chaos, Beijing now feels obliged to step in, especially upon seeing a direct challenge to its sovereignty through the desecration of the national emblem and Chinese flag by protesters.
  2. An embattled chief executive and an exhausted police force were already prompting Beijing to wonder whether it should step in and tackle the protests, but it was the protesters’ desecration of the Chinese flag that finally galvanized it into action – not defending national honour was simply not an option.

As a Chinese who studied in Hong Kong’s mainstream (non-international) schools from kindergarten to university (bachelor level), I have a profound understanding of the particular challenges Chinese people face when writing in English. I’m therefore uniquely positioned to help the Chinese develop the know-how and confidence to write English in a refined manner.

I provide writing lessons on Zoom. Each class lasts for an hour. Cost for the first four sessions is HKD500 each (USD 65).

Interested parties, just contact me