Writing Coach

What’s special about learning English writing from Michelle?

Let me explain by telling a story. When the set designer of My Fair Lady was invited to Audrey Hepburn’s dressing room at the studio, he was unprepared for what he would see: Audrey was bare-faced;“now you see, I have no eyes,” she chuckled. Even though the designer himself was in the business of creating illusions, still he was startled by the transformative powers of makeup.“It was extraordinary to see that it is simply by painting her eyes that she has become beauty,” he later marveled.

I teach writing primarily by writing along with my students. During the process, we check in on each another regularly; the point is to let them bear witness to the countless decisions and tireless rewriting I undergo as I toil over copy,to let them know that when I write, like Audrey, I start out with“no eyes.”As they navigate life and go on to write their share of university-level term papers, cover letters, business emails and reports, even special letters to loved ones – when confronting the blank screen on their own, they will,I hope, remember how hard writing was for me, and have the diligence to submit themselves to the delicate task of drawing out the inner logic of their thoughts. By writing more clearly, they can think more clearly.

I also help my students develop their tastes in books by asking them to examine 1-2 writing samples after each lesson. When they meet up with me again, we share our findings.

In addition, I critique the writing assignments they hand in to me.

I can also help students write their college application essays and term papers – by “help students write,” I don’t mean doing their work for them.Instead, I see myself as playing the role of a sherpa – I can guide them in their quest to craft eye-catching narratives, but they will have to do the climbing themselves.

I also do freelance English copywriting for corporations.

I studied at Diocesan Girls’School (in both the junior and senior sections) and the University of Oxford. I have worked as a reporter and copywriter, and have over 10 years of writing experience under my belt.

All classes are conducted one-on-one at my Causeway Bay home office (I’m located next to Times Square). Each class lasts for an hour.

The first consultation meeting is free. At least three days before the meeting, the prospective student should send five writing samples to michelle.ng@gmail.com; the samples can be English compositions the student has already done for school. When we meet up, I will identify the prospective student’s strengths and weaknesses, and show I can help her improve as a writer.

The first four sessions are charged at HK$500 per class.

Interested parties, please email michelle.ng@gmail.com. Learning should be fun and I hope we’ll have a great time together!