Michelle 真的很感恩遇到你!我也很驚訝他們的英文可以進步得那麼快,在英國讀書,浸淫在語境下當然會進步,但可能只在聽力方面會多一點。我相信令他們進步得快的原因是寫作,他們要思考大量適合的詞語,加上在堂上你又會指導他們用字用得是否適合,所以我真的很開心他們遇到你這位良師

Twiegy Leung (Mum of Eugene and Isaac Mak)

We noticed he really enjoys your lessons, and how you’ve helped him open up his mind in discerning between good writing and bad writing. We also noticed that he is mimicking your style of writing, which is very unique from what he was taught in school. Thanks once again.”

Wai Meng Chew (Dad of Dylan and Darren Chew)

Giselle told me she loves your lessons so much and she learns a lot!”

Zeto Tsoi (Mum of Gisele Fung)

I found Belle’s writing is improving. The way she presents the topic is much more interesting and taking the lead to the reader into her imagaintion.”

Fonnie Leung (Belle Yim’s Mum)

I like the way you teach Leo, using a very engaging and informative approach; you are an excellent teacher who knows how to teach writing. I very much appreciate your dedication to Leo and also to the young generation in learning English writing.”

Irene Ng, Leo Ng’s Aunt

Very happy to see their writing’s improvement, and it’s enjoyable to read your writings too.”

Jessica Chan (Mum of Brighton and Cherise Chan)